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Hello and welcome to my tumblr! I am Riichany:)

This blog is dedicated to translation and reviews of Voltage Inc. otome games.

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New Voltage game - 「偽りの君とスキャンダル」character description


New Voltage game - 「偽りの君とスキャンダル」~Our Secret love song~ character description under cut:)


New Voltage game - 「偽りの君とスキャンダル」~Our Secret love song~ is out:)

Aww they look so cute when they blush:3

Our two bedroom story - upcoming stories

"The sweet time between you and Shusei, which the two of you are trying to hide in the sharehouse daily life. One day, Chiaki uses the engagement ring which you have lost to propose an exchange…!? A cute junior (Chiaki) has got you wrapped around his little finger. He (Shusei) is extremely worried."

Our two bedroom story - upcoming stories

"First birthday with Shusei"

"It’s Shusei’s birthday on 1st September! The two of you are supposed to create some wonderful memories together but…Shusei has a business trip on that day!? Since it’s the first birthday and you wanna celebate with Shusei, the action which you took is… ‘I am extremely happy…I don’t wanna separate from you anymore’ - it might become an unforgettable day…?

So there will be a crossover for MFW and SITSC!!!:D

Yamato’s and Saeki’s high school routes are coming as well♥


Yakov’s route is out yayyyyyyy:D

Updated with translation

"Prohibition on the Royal family"

"I am Yakov’s partner, Sergei. Yakov has always been a guy who aims to unify the Kingdom of Sanct Sybil. He has no time to get distracted/to be led astray by women. Well, I can’t imagine that he would lose his composure because of women."

Yakov: “Women are not needed on the battlefield. I am the guy who is going to unify the Kingdom of Sanct Sybil.”

Yakov’s route is out yayyyyyyy:D

nipnongblocks whispered: Hey there, beautiful person! Send this to 10 of your followers who really deserve this wonderful message, alrighty? ;) Spread the love around and make everyone feel especially awesome today!♥

aww thank you so much jengaaaaaa:3 i miss u heaps and so does james.LOL i hope everything is going well on your side~ hang in there, mid-sem break is coming! hopefully i will get to see u soon (and have a threesome date together) *hugs* stay warm and take care!

Metro PD chibis:)

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