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Hello and welcome to my tumblr! I am Riichany:)

This blog is dedicated to translation and reviews of Voltage Inc. otome games.
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Enchanted in the Moonlight - Yukinojo

Dear You,
t-asuna2000 whispered: *kisses cheek* You’ve got the kissing disease!! spread it by kissing the next ten people on your dash!

hehe thank you for the lovely message *kiss back*

最後の恋、僕にください (Finally, in love again) - Relationship chart

偽りの君とスキャンダル~Our secret love song~ - Relationship chart

aww don’t look at me with that puppy eyes…(*/∇\*)

"Dump Yamato and sleep with me"Σ(゜ロ゜;) Who is this new guy in Yamato’s route!!?? I’d be very interested in knowing more about him…I wish he had his own route!

Ryoichi is smoking hehe(*´艸`*)

mrszala said: aaaaaaaa~~~~ i wanna ask something… can you share to me the link to download this game??? i try searching for it.. but… i dunno~~ i can’t find it~~ >.< pretty pleeeeeaseeeee TvT

mrszala hello^^ here is the link https://itunes.apple.com/jp/app/wang-zi-yangnopuropozu-love/id915800228?mt=8 hope u enjoy playing the game!

Kissed by the baddest bidder - Eisuke

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